Monday, February 19, 2007

Manchester recreates city in Second Life

The Manchester Evening News reports that Manchester is set to open a virtual version of itself in Second Life. The aim is promote the Manchester 'brand' and raise awareness of the city in the real world. The move is a collaboration between the Urbis museum, Manchester's Digital Development Agency (DDA) and consultants Clicks and Links.

Dave Carter, head of DDA, said: "Second Life has succeeded in creating a virtual community of more than two million people.

"By creating a Manchester presence, we will be opening doors to this vast community - and having conversations with a huge range of people that will help shape and advance the city's digital development."

I do recognise its potential and this is a good way of benefiting from the opportunity. Second Life citizens (audiences) might be tiny, but they and Second Life carry influence way beyond their size.

The BBC already has a spot in Second Life. Last year, it held a virtual Radio One concert and Jeremy Paxman hosted a special edition of Newsnight from within the game.

Real-life newspapers, the Reuters news agency and even the country of Sweden have been created.

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