Thursday, November 30, 2006

Learning a Language in SecondLife

What about using SecondLife for education. We can design innovative 3D virtual environment with SecondLife. Real classroom alike environments with interactivity and global reach. We spot an innovative initiative called LanguageLab. Its virtual venues offers new generation learning spaces with language classes, self-learning kiosks and virtual cafes. is a language school unlike any other. Students explore a whole new world using a virtual body, called an avatar, that can interact and talk with other avatars - all controlled by real human beings. Some will be teachers, some will be other students, and still others will be native speakers; all will be there together to learn or to facilitate learning. We are currently offering English and Spanish, and plan to expand to other languages soon.

For a realistic experience, uses a specially designed voice system that enables participants to speak to one another in real time. offers classes as well as a full range of learning events. Classes are small, generally 6 to 8 students, and run for 50 minutes.

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